Things to Know Before You Develop a Website

Irrespective of the purpose of the website, there are a few things every developer needs to do before creating a website. In this article, we are going to discuss these basic things and some more that you can do to ensure building a really amazing and unique site.

Things to Consider Before Creating a Website

1. Domain Name: Your website’s domain should –

perfectly match with the idea or the type of business you want to build.
be a name that people can remember easily.
be short and easy to type.
Include the target keywords.
not have numbers and/or hyphens.
have an appropriate domain extension, depending on your business type
Be well-researched.

2. Web Hosting

Compare different hosting service providers and plans.
Choose a reliable hosting that perfectly suits your needs.
Check and compare the storage, bandwidth capacity and other features of the hosting.
Choose the hosting that comes with uptime guarantee.
Check and compare hosting prices, upgrade options and rates, etc.
Read user reviews and testimonials.

3. Web Technology: There are many technology options, such as HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, DotNet and more, that you can choose from for developing your own site. You must have a strong command over the technology or should be willing

Getting Services of a Drupal Development Company

Why use Drupal Development?

Below are some of the benefits of using Drupal as a platform for your CMS.

Easy CMS Customization

In Drupal, it is extremely easier for a developer customizing the website as well as it CMS. He will be able to set the content in a proper manner. In this way, it will become easier for any user finding the content on the website.

Module Development

It is also easier developing the modules in Drupal. There are easy to use configurations available with the developers. They can easily implement these configurations in order to effectively developing the modules in the CMS.

Theme Development

There are lots of themes available with the website owner for choosing the appearance of his website. He can choose the one, that is appropriate according to him. Moreover, there are also various color schemes available with him, for developing a kind of website that pleases the user.

Search Engine Optimization

It is also essential carrying out the SEO of the website properly. This will result in enhancement of reach of the website among the various users. SEO is an essential technique, that might help the business owner generating more revenue.

What to look for in a Drupal Development Company?

Here are some of the

What Is Magento Community Edition?

As a robust eCommerce platform, Magento accelerates custom eCommerce application development by providing a flexible shopping cart system and tools for digital marketing, search engine optimization, and catalogue management. The themes and plug-ins provided by Magento make it easier for enterprises to scale their web stores and enhance customer experience. An enterprise also has option to choose from various editions of Magento – enterprise, business intelligence, community, shipping, order management, social and commerce – according to its needs and budget.

Each edition of Magento is written in PHP – an open source server-side programming language. But various editions of the popular eCommerce platform differ from each other in terms of features and functionality. Unlike other editions, Magento Community Edition is open source and free. Hence, an enterprise can use the community-based edition of Magento to curtail eCommerce application development cost significantly. Likewise, it can make changes to the Magento Community Edition according to its precise needs. But Magento Community Edition still simplifies eCommerce websites development by providing an array of features.

Overview of Important eCommerce Features of Magento Community Edition

eCommerce Website Management

Magento Community Edition simplifies web store management by allowing administers to select, share, and control information across multiple eCommerce websites through

Surefire Ways To Tighten Security of an eCommerce Store Before the Holidays

Hacking or cyber fraud has become a critical concern for every eCommerce ventures, from the perspective of both businesses and customers. In this predominantly technological era, where people intend to buy anything and everything via online mediums, staying at their comfort zone, especially when holidays are around and they have bulks of items to buy for themselves and their loved ones. Considering this, if the eCommerce sites are not enough secured from cyber attacks, businesses are sure to lose a hefty proportion of their expected sales. Customers visiting the sites days will abandon them after sensing some security faults. With holidays arriving in a couple of weeks and shopping spree getting into everyone’s heads, it means this is the right time to reinforce the security systems for the eCommerce stores, irrespective of the platform they are made of to assure safer shopping experiences for customers.

There are different effectual measures that will help online merchants to stiffen the security of their stores before the holiday rush starts.

Safeguarding of Payment information

This is a useful aspect to consider to protect the confidential payment information from getting into the hands of hackers. The online merchants must ensure that the credit/debit cards details of their

Magento ECommerce Design Trends to Look For in 2018

This is beyond any doubt that today, in the case of online businesses, making an impactful first impression is pretty much crucial to stay ahead of the competitors. More importantly, making a good impression on the mobile appearance is highly vital in today’s market. If the visitors do not like the website at the first glance, they won’t give a second thought to leave the website. Hence, devising and designing the website with the utmost care is very important. Website designing trends are evolving with time. 2018 is almost knocking on the door and if you are wondering what latest trends are in the Magento development field are about to make a good impression in this upcoming year, read on.

Negative Space

Minimalistic designs are becoming the latest trend in the Magento eCommerce development field and this trend will continue in the upcoming year as well. Long gone are those days when filling up the page with multiple texts and images were a trend. Today, the scenario is a lot different. Try not to make the page congested by adding too many elements to it. It is advisable to use the whitespace as a part of the page design, let the elements

Get to Know the Latest Magento 2.2 Features for B2B Ecommerce

The ecommerce business world is expanding at a fast pace and software companies are developing new features to keep pace with the demands of the websites. Magento 2 has recently released a newer version this September, Magento 2.2, which includes various new features that help to improve upon the B2B or Business to Business functionalities. This particular focus on the B2B features only makes sense when you are going to consider the rapid growth of the B2B market. With this realization, many online business owners are migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 development in order to add latest functionalities to their ecommerce store.

Here in this article, we will take a look at what the latest version Magento 2.2 has for the B2B marketplace:

Latest account management tools: Advanced account management features are added to the latest version for both the customers as well as the web store managers. The customer service tool offers the B2B customers the facility to manage and request their own company accounts. And for the web store merchants, there are extended features that help to organize and categorize the customer information accordingly. This includes the ability to export as well as import the customer lists and

Features Unleashed in the Latest Version of CakePHP

While the new version of CakePHP is out, developers are highly excited about its new array of features. Back in the past, PHP was one of the most used frameworks by the web developers and the situation favoured when CakePHP surfaced as the first-ever MVC framework. Since then, nearly 10 years have passed and the framework has been consistently evolving and holds a triumphant place in the market. Recently, the CakePHP 3.5.0 was unleashed which created a major uproar among the developers who are looking forward to the improvements made in this version over the earlier ones. While they will take the advantage of this latest version to the fullest to enhance customisation of the web applications, here’s the quick evaluation of the newest features of the framework.

New middleware and Scoped Middleware

The new middleware included in CakePHP 3.5 provides some added advantage to the PHP programmers. It makes applying of encrypted cookies and CSRF (Cross-site request forgery) tokens easier. Programmers will have the chance to build a specific middleware stack, suiting to the various parts of the web app. Thus, there is no need for writing URL checking code in the middleware. This is mainly because the middleware can be